All attendees receive their own copy of the Bourbon Steward Handbook, as well as a code where they can go online to take the Certification Exam.  Upon passing the certification exam, you will receive your Stave and Thief Society Pin from the Distilled Spirits Epicenter and be able to proudly wear the title of Certified Bourbon Steward.

For more information and for class schedules and locations contact - Bob@FTLWS.Com 

Certified Bourbon Steward Classes

Certified Bourbon Steward is more than a title

Its a Badge of Honor

Ft. Lauderdale Whiskey Society

The Ft. Lauderdale Whiskey Society offers Certified Bourbon Steward classes at various times throughout the year.  This in-depth program is accredited by the Distilled Spirits Epicenter a.k.a Moonshine University, in Louisville, Kentucky.  The class is designed so that upon completion and successfully passing the Certification exam, you’ll be able to discuss America’s native spirit both confidently and accurately, as well as be able to make recommendations to friends, family, and others based on their individual taste and preferences.

What you’ll learn in the certification process

  • Classifications of Whiskey, what makes a Bourbon a Bourbon, and how it is different from other whiskies
  • Anatomy of a Label
  • The science behind distilling and aging
  • Identify Kentucky’s heritage brands and distilleries
  • The history of our National Spirit and how it affected American history
  • Why Bourbons taste differently
  • Hospitality in Bourbon culture
  • Learn how to create a tasting flight bourbons​